About Dehtile.com

Dehtile.com is a dynamic, fast-growing kitchen & bath mosaic company with online platform selling mother of pearl shell tile, glass wall tile, stone floor tile, ceramic tile, porcelain mosiac tile and metal glass mosaic at factory direct wholesale prices.

Dehtile.com specialize in glass tiles, ceramic tiles, stone tile mosaics, stone glass tiles, porcelain tiles, subway tiles and glass tile mosaics and mosaic supplies.

All of our mosaic tiles, glass tiles, ceramic tiles, stone mosaic tiles come attached to fiberglass mesh that keeps the mosaic tiles arranged in a grid. This mesh could be glued directly to the floor. If you need to remove the mesh to get loose glass tile, mosaic tile has to be soaked in warm water and mosaic tiles fall off the mesh.

Mosaic tiles are a new-kind building materials which have been widly used in exterior and interior applications such as wall tile mosaics, floor tile mosaics, bathroom tiles, kitchen backsplash tiles, and swimming pool tiles.

Our glass tiles , ceramic tiles and mosaic tiles are not only great-looking, but also durable and impenetrable because glass tiles and mosaic tiles can't be breached by liquids, mosaic glass tiles and mosaic tiles are ideal for places that get wet often ( such as vanity backsplash tiles and kitchen backsplash tiles ), and are easy to clean with a wet cloth.

Glass tile and mosaic tiles are frost resistant and also resistant to many weather conditions, making them an excellent choice for pool tiles and spa applications and not confined to indoor use.

Mosaic tiles are versatile and attractive, and inexpensive when you buy from dehtile.com. We carry a wide selection of the Finest mosaic tiles, ceramic tiles, mosaic tiles backsplash, glass mosaic tiles, backsplash tiles, roman mosaics, ceramic tiles, floor tiles.

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Dehtile.com offers shell mosaic, mother of pearl tile, glass wall tile, stone floor tile, ceramic tile, porcelain mosiac tile, metal glass tile, puzzle mosaic at factory direct wholesale prices, by selecting and bringing the best quality building products with highest manufacturing standard around the world directly to North America, without any middle man in between.

By deploying world class supply chain and information technology, Bravotti supply chain and technology team has successfully built the shortest and most effective supply chain between the manufacturers and the building product end users, including DIY homeowners, remodelers, contractors, interior designers, architects, apartment complex owners, builders and developers as well as mom and pop showroom dealers. Thousands of building and design professionals as well as DIY homeowners have benefited 30-70% saving in buying the remodeling building products.

At dehtile.com, we distinguish ourselves from other online competitors for the following advantages:

  1. Shopping confidently with dehtile.com. We are not only selling home improvement and building materials online, we have our own home improvement showroom and our national showroom dealers network that can offer local service to you. With the heavy investment in showrooms, you are assured that your shipment will arrive as expected.
  2. Truly unbeatable pricing. Dehtile.com not only has a sourcing team, but also has a global sourcing team always looking for better value globally; thus can have the products with best value shipped directly from global manufacturing bases.

    Planning Ahead, you will save immensely. When business customers like remodelers, contractors, apartment complex owners, builders and developers plan ahead for their projects' needs, our global sourcing team will ship "Factory Direct Products" directly to your appointed address or job site. This will offer you the best value without any compromise in quality by passing all the warehousing and overheads to you.

    As a matter of fact, our OEM manufacturers are highly selective and we only chose those with manufacturing experience for major US or European brands.

  3. Great range of product lines. Large selections and a variety of product line choices for all interior home improvement and building needs.
  4. Excellent Customer Service. Our customer service team is ready to help. We work vigorously and will respond to you promptly and efficiently.