Porcelain mosaic tiles are our luxury collection mosaic tiles for kitchen tiles and bath tiles. The glazed porcelain tiles are preferred for bathroom walls and kitchen backsplash, primarily because of its low water absorption rate. Italian porcelain tiles are graded on their hardness and their ability to resist moisture absorption. There is a special scale to rate from zero to five, with five being the hardest. The harder tiles are applied on floors and wall, while the lower rated material are normally used as electrical insulator in appliances and other electronic equipments. The best porcelain tiles are the ones that make it to the highest ratings. But, the lower grade tiles are suitable for other applications.

Porcelain mosaic tiles are not only prove to be more resistant than natural stones, but are also easier to maintain. It does not call for any special sealants or treatments and can be less absorbent than natural stone mosaic tiles.