Frequently Asked Questions

DEHTILE appreciates you for taking some time in reviewing the Frequently Asked Questions. If you do not find answers addressing your questions or concerns, please Contact Us, we will respond your questions within 24 hours during weekdays.

For product info, specs, and photos please go to the specific product page or product order page to find the related links. For example Kitchen Backsplash Tiles.

If you have further product related questions that our customer service representative could not answer, DEHTILE notifies our product managers or engineers to answer it instead of the customer service representative. Please send email to, our customer service representative will review your email and forward it to the right person immediately after receiving it. Your email will be answered within 24 hours during weekdays.

To better assist our customers, we put up the following FAQs by categories, so that you can easily locate the most repeated questions based on our past interaction experiences assisting our customers:

Who can buy from

DEHTILE provides flexible buying options. Anyone can buy depending on your lead time needs. While there are minimum order quantity requirements for some buying options, which may used by professional buyers such as builders, contractors, however, as long as the minimum order quantity requirements are met, anyone can buy and save.

For more of our products, we do offer minimum quantity as low as 1 box, which will allows D-I-Ys to benefit from the vast selections, convenience and savings offered by for individual residential end users.

I cannot find the color and style I want for my project in my local building materials stores and not find them in, either, can DEHTILE custom make it for me?

We offer custom make service based on your specifications or samples with some minimum quantity requirements. The procedure is to email us at, we will review your requirements and engage with you on clarification of your requirements. Our turnaround time varies depending on the specific products and the technical complexity, in general, it is very fast. For example, glass mosaics, for the similar product of our standard products, with change in colors, surfaces, and finish texture, it usually takes 1-2 weeks to make a sample for you to sign off. After we can make the sample, we can finish production within 1-2 weeks. This is the extra service especially welcomed by architects and designers.

Can DEHTILE ship globally?

Currently, we ship primarily to the continental US and Canada. However, we also ship to other areas beyond the US and Canadian areas including other countries with the condition that the shipping costs need to be quoted separately. Please contact us before you place an order where you are not located in the US and Canada.

If I order less quantity than the minimum requirement, what should I do?

Please Contact Us to see if we can find a solution for you. Please email us at for the product SKU number and quantity you want to buy. Usually, a justified shipping cost to compensate for the less-than-adequate economic scale will allow us to make an exception for you. However, it is solely DEHTILE's discretion and decision which will be made on a case by case basis.

Do you offer any discounts to distributors or resellers?

DEHTILE offers the best prices on the website. Transparency in our pricing is one of the key operation factors making the lowest prices possible without any compromising in quality. Anyone meeting the minimum quantity requirement will have the same price.

Please contact us at if you still want to discuss with us on this topic.

How much should I allow for breakage/damage?

Depending on specific products, the industry standard is to include a 3-10% leeway to be accounted for when ordering building materials to avoid the shortage due to breakage/damage, or even due to the mis-measurement or mis-calculation of the sq footage you may need. It is strongly recommended that at least 5% more quantity is added to what your measurement is.

DEHTILE ships product quantity solely based on the quantity you entered when you placed an order. Although due to our quality packaging and palletized for overseas shipment, the breakage/damage is very minimum, however, please allow up to 10% breakage/damage rate, which is considered as normal in this industry.

For breakage/damage claim more than 10%, please follow our return policy procedure (Return Policy) to file a claim with our customer service department.

May I see the product before I buy? May I obtain a sample?

You can order a sample on our website. A sample will usually be a swatch of a product, such as glass mosaic tile, porcelain tile.

Do I need to a sealer on the glass tile or grout?

Glass mosaics themselves do not absorb any water, thus will not absorb any dirt, germ, and spilled beverages. Thus there is no need for a sealer for the glass tiles.

However, grout is very porous and is prone to staining if not sealed. It is not required but it is highly recommended to use a sealer to make the maintenance and cleaning with ease because sealer helps to prevent stains and dirt from penetrating into the grout. A sealer also helps to prevent mold and mildew growth. Sealer should be used after the grout is cured, approximately 2-3 days after grouting.

Will glass tiles are safe on backsplash behind the Viking generates a lot of heat?

Yes, glass tiles are safe to install on backsplashes behind stoves. Stoves are designed for installation in kitchens with just drywall behind them so they won’t generate enough heat to damage the wall, with or without glass tile.